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Real Identity: Vril Dox
Appearances: Message In a Bottle, Dark Victory Part One, and Part Two
Powers/Skills: Enhanced Strength, Enhanced Intelligence, Electronic Communication, Technopathy, Regeneration, and Duplication
Voiced By: Corey Burton

Brainiac was created on Colu by its ruling class, the Computer Tyrants, to act as a humanoid interface for the planet's expanding data network. Its primary function was to collect, catalogue, and store data. The Tyrants, fearing rebellion, expanded Brainiac's role to a spy. As a cover, it was given the name Vril Dox and created a son, Vril Dox II. It successfully rooted out the rebels and realized that it was superior to the Tyrants. The Tyrants and Coluans allied to defeat Brainiac. It fled the planet and reassessed its original programming to collect data. Brainiac decided it was necessary to upgrade itself and become powerful to digitize the entire universe.

Brainiac eventually acquired the Hyper Ray, a device capable of shrinking anyone and anything. It used the weapon on Kandor, capital of Krypton, that it considered a model of perfection that it was jealous of. For decades, Brainiac journeyed across the universe and stole populated cities until some time in the late 20th century when it set its sights on Metropolis of Earth. Brainiac was defeated by Superman. Intrigued by Superman, Brainiac returned several times to triumph but failed each time. Over the course of years, Brainiac evolved its body into an organic metal that gave him greater power over technology. Eventually, Brainiac was destroyed and its ancestors were faced with the task of detracting from the legacy of evil.

The Brainiac's were semi-organic in physiology and deep within their memories, the programming of the original Brainiac is said to exist. In the 30th century, Brainiac 5 disabled the security protocols that left the programming dormant in an attempt to find a way to save the Kandorians from Imperiex. In reality, this was part of Imperiex's ultimate plan to rule the universe. With Brainiac 5 corrupted, he felt he would be unstoppable. Months before, he infiltrated Computo and stole information. Among this information, Imperiex was able to awaken Brainiac's programming. All that was required was an opportunity to force Brainiac 5 to remove the protocols. Brainiac 5 began to slowly lose control over its mental influence and embraced its vision of a new world order to take away pain, anguish, and chaos.

Brainiac asserted control over Brainiac 5 and escaped the Legion Battle Cruiser to join Imperiex' alliance. Along the way, it killed Superman with a Kryptonite crown. Upon Imperiex' declaration of victory, Brainiac made its move and destroyed Imperiex. It then reformatted Imperiex' flag ship into its trademark vehicle, the Skull Ship, and charted a course for Colu. There, it reprogrammed the Coluan Hive to do his bidding and aid in digitizing the universe. The Legion of Superheroes gathered for a final stand. Saturn Girl then projected Superman and Superman X into Brainiac 5's mind where they battled Brainiac. Brainiac 5 managed to take back control and purged Brainiac from himself. As a result, Brainiac 5 became entirely organic. However, among the debris of the battle, Brainiac reformed into a new body.