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Smallville is a small town located in Kansas and home to Jonathan and Martha Kent. The husband and wife discovered the infant Kal-El and his space crib in a cornfield. They adopted him and raised him as their son, Clark. In the 31st Century, Superman's origins are public knowledge. When Lex Luthor was mistakenly thawed out by Karate Kid, he learned Superman's secrets. Upon returning to the past, Luthor plotted to send the Legion of Doom to the past and send Kal-El back into space so he would never become Superman. Solomon Grundy, Cheetah, Toyman, and Bizarro were sent and robbed a general store. Posing as Kal-El's parents, Grundy and Cheetah took Kal from the Kent's. The Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg intervened and tried to rescue Kal-El. However, Bizarro succeeded in launching Kal back into space.