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Hall of Doom

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The Hall of Doom is the mobile headquarters of the Legion of Doom. While primarily hidden in a swamp, the imposing domed Hall is equipped with thrusters that allow it to go anywhere on the planet. Whenever the Legion held a meeting, the Hall would rise above the swamp waters and a balcony could be extended outwards. In a new scheme to usher in a new world order, the Legion took the Hall of Doom to the arctic. After the scheme was botched and Lex Luthor was seemingly killed in action, the remaining members of the Legion retreated into the Hall and fled the scene.

Most went into hiding but Solomon Grundy and Bizarro stayed at the Hall. As they pondered their future, a Luthor arrived from the future with Time Trapper and his Eternity Glass. The rest of the Legion was summoned for another meeting. Only Cheetah and Toyman responded. Luthor dispatched his four allies to the past and reveled in the end of the Justice League. Karate Kid and Dawnstar had alerted the League and they stormed the Hall but failed to prevent Luthor's plan from succeeding. Once future Luthor became a paradox, thanks to Karate Kid and Dawnstar, and erased, Time Trapper left the Hall of Doom to remake the world in darkness.