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Real Identity: Elle
Appearances (Comics): Journey To Love Part 4 and Journey To Love Part 6
Powers/Skills: Unrevealed
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Elle is Vixen's current girlfriend and wears a prosthetic in place of her right leg. After a runway show, Elle told her she was amazing as always. After they got in the car, Vixen asked the driver to roll up the partition then she activated the power of the giraffe. Back at Vixen's place, Elle came down the stairs and asked if everything was okay. Poison Ivy apologized for interrupting. Elle told her to wait and emphasized she really wanted Vixen to have the antidote so animals would stop hassling her. Vixen told her not to start or she would make her tap out again then revealed she already took the antidote. Elle realized she missed getting to see them make out. Ivy broke out in tears and explained how she got in an argument with Harley, Harley went to a strip club, and Mephitic kidnapped her. Vixen wondered why Mephitic was so fascinated with her in the first place. Ivy had no clue and admitted she came to Detroit with something to prove after he called her out on TV.

Vixen deduced she decided to stand up for herself instead of ignoring a newbie villain's callout all because she was struggling with her ex-fiance leaving her at the altar and now her girlfriend was kidnapped and she wanted her help. Elle couldn't imagine life without Vixen just like Ivy couldn't imagine a life without Harley and implored Vixen to help Ivy. They took an elevator to Vixen's walk-in closet. Ivy was amazed. Elle noted accessibility mattered. Vixen knew Ivy was damn lucky she would do anything Elle asked her to do. Ivy was floored by Vixen's footwear alone. She thanked Elle for fighting for her. Elle told her queers had to stick together. Vixen didn't think she had anything in Ivy's side but they'd figure it out. Elle joked that was because Vixen's butt was getting bigger. Ivy was moved by their loving, fun, and non-toxic dynamic and wanted to change her ways and open up more. Vixen couldn't find any of her her super suits.

Elle asked her if she dropped them off at the cleaners the week before like she asked. Vixen didn't remember to do that. Elle had a back up but Vixen was horrified. With no other choice, she donned her first super suit. In the end, Vixen was too moved by Harley and Ivy's love and let them go as a favor. Plus, Elle would be upset if she arrested them both.