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Real Identity: Dick Grayson
Appearances (Comics): Journey To Love Part 3
Appearances (Episodes):
Powers/Skills: Above Average Intelligence, Above Average Agility, Above Average Physical Attributes, Armed Combat, and Unarmed Combat
Voiced By: Harvey Guillen

Dick Grayson tried to enjoy a night off and worked out at the Grayson Cross-Train Gym. However, Batman called him and informed him of a call about a hostage situation at the Bludhaven Rest Stop he intercepted. Grayson teased and replied with a hello. Batman also asked Grayson to stop Commissioner Gordon because he had become so fixated on bringing in Harley Quinn dead or alive, that innocent people were being seriously injured or killed in his wake. He added Batgirl was on her way to assist in talking Gordon down. Grayson suited up. Nightwing landed in front of Harley and Ivy at the back of the rest stop. Harley could only quip at him with nicknames centered around his butt. Ivy claimed Harley was thinking for once and was only using the restroom and trying to get something to eat. Nightwing was skeptical. Harley stated she was trying to help Ivy get over her wedding disaster and wanted to leave before Gordon arrived and went all Rambo on everyone at the rest stop.

Nightwing gave them a pass but asked why she was fascinated with his butt. Ivy admitted objectification was wrong but also admitted she liked his butt, too. Nightwing thought to himself that it was "glorious." Nightwing landed in front of Commissioner Gordon's police van. Cheryl braked hard and Gordon was launched off the roof into a parked car. Nightwing told Gordon he was a shell of the man he used to be and for whatever reason Batman was worried about him. Gordon was surprised. Nightwing told him to go home because he wasn't a vigilante and he would do something he couldn't come back from. Gordon told himself the mission was Gotham, not Batman. He pulled his handgun and ordered Nightwing to move. Nightwing retorted not to threaten him with a good time and warned he wouldn't go easy on him like Batman. Batgirl pulled up on her Batcycle. Gordon hesitated but stated he lost everything already and his path to redemption was bringing in Harley. He ordered them to move. Batgirl reminded him he didn't lose his daughter yet and he didn't want to embarrass or disappoint her. He backed down.