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Real Identity: Unknown
Affiliation(s): Crime Syndicate
Powers/Skills: Enhanced Strength, Enhanced Speed, Impenetrable Skin, Enhanced Vision, Flight, and Solar Absorption
Voiced By: Brian Bloom

After absorbing yellow radiation from The Sun, a man realized he now had a wide range of super powers. He took the codename Ultraman and became a family head of the Crime Syndicate. He seemed to have literally killed his way to be the boss of bosses, the leader of the Syndicate. Ultraman's top lieutenant is Mr. Action. In order to cement his position, Ultraman destroyed every sample of his only weakness, Blue Kryptonite. When exposed to it, he would become powerless. He also bent the President of United States to his will by assassinating the First Lady with his ultra vision. However, the threat of nuclear warfare and expensive bribes totaling $37 billion weighted heavily on Ultraman's mind. Project Damocles was approved and Owlman went about to construct a counterforce that would allow them to take over the planet.

When Alexander Luthor returned with a new Justice League, they began to conduct a series of attacks on the family heads. Luthor and Superman confronted Ultraman after activating Mr. Action's Signal Watch. Luthor declined Superman's aid because defeating Ultraman had to be done by a native of the planet. Once Luthor got close enough to Ultraman, he exposed him to Blue Kryptonite, a piece he acquired while traveling across the Multiverse. Ultraman was defeated and arrested along with Action. The President immediately ordered his release as to retain the fragile peace he brokered. He soon appeared at the White House and threatened to kill Wilson's daughter, Rose, if she continued to protest against the Syndicate.

In the final battle against the Justice League, Ultraman was less than pleased when he learned of Owlman's secret intention to destroy reality. He allowed the League to follow his former ally to Earth Prime. However, after that, all bets were off. Luckily, President Wilson and several Marines invaded the Crime Syndicate's base and armed with nuclear warheads. Unwilling to face those warheads, Ultraman surrendered.