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Real Identity: Unknown
Affiliation(s): Crime Syndicate
Powers/Skills: Enhanced Strength, Enhanced Speed, Impenetrable Skin, Flight, and Unarmed Combat
Voiced By: Gina Torres

Believed to have happened through mystical means, a woman gained super powers and became Superwoman. Long before she took this name, Superwoman was always a murdering psychopath. As a family head in the Crime Syndicate, she garnered a pantheon of formidable Made Men, 21 total. Her top Made Men are Captain Super, Uncle Super, and Captain Super Junior. Others include parallel versions of Blue Devil, Metamorpho, Hawkman, Mr. Terrific, Blue Beetle, Atom, Cyborg, Wildcat, Sandman, Powergirl, Firestorm, Zatanna, Red Tornado, and Dr. Fate. She also became the romantic partner of Owlman, who she saw a kindred spirit in.

Superwoman joined in a mission with Owlman and his Made Men to raid the Justice League's base. She was more excited to kill Alexander Luthor and his new League but she found more than a match in Superman. Superwoman then summoned Captain Super, Uncle Super, and Captain Super Junior for aid. After the battle, she arrived at a meeting of the family heads and soon realized Owlman had no intention of using the Quantum Eigenstate Device to blackmail the people of Earth. When Owlman revealed his true intentions, Superwoman renewed her vow to be by his side and help carry out the destruction of Earth Prime. Owlman dispatched her to find the QED's Quantum Trigger on a parallel Earth. She took her three top Made Men and fought against Batman and his new allies. Once the Trigger was found, she and Captain Super teleported back to her palace. She was pleased to see Batman followed. After ordering Captain Super to deliver the Trigger, she began to toy with Batman and realized he was much like Owlman.

Batman managed to trick her into inhaling several cannisters of anesthetic gas. Superwoman passed out and woke up to find herself bound but two bent girders and surrounded by the Justice League. Unwilling to risk Superwoman would tip off the Crime Syndicate before they arrived on their secret base, they took her along with them. Johnny Quick raced past them and freed Superwoman. After a grand battle, Owlman's plan was revealed. Superwoman attempted to lie to Ultraman but he saw right through it. She, Ultraman, and Power Ring were arrested by the United States Marine Corps.