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Real Identity: Unknown
Affiliation(s): Crime Syndicate
Powers/Skills: Enhanced Strength, Genius, Strategy, Engineering, Hacking, Above Average Physical Attributes, Marksmanship, Piloting, Armed Combat, and Unarmed Combat
Voiced By: James Woods

Many years ago, a young boy suffered a terrible wrong and lost his family. He became consumed by outrage, despair, and vengeance. He trained himself to his peak physical and mental state and donned the identity of Owlman. To complement his intellect and fighting prowess, Owlman designed a power suit that would augment his strength, a cape that could become a glider when needed, an utility belt that houses every imaginable gadget, including a plasma gun, and lastly, a stealth fighter jet with a chameleon circuit to enable cloaking. His personal base is the Eyrie of Evil, a prominent skyscraper in the middle of a major city. The top level contains his laboratory and computer system.

Eventually, he became a member of and family head in the Crime Syndicate. However, he never completely trusted his comrades and knew he was the only one who could do what needed to be done. Owlman's top lieutenant is Black Power. Model Citizen and Aurora are his two second lieutenants. Sai is also another Made Man associated with him. He carries on a romantic relationship with Superwoman and has given her access to his Eyrie. He quickly garnered a reputation for making precise and calculated decisions and such also reflected his twisted and extraordinary mind.

In one year, the Crime Syndicate spent $37 billion on bribes to government officials. Seeking an end all solution to take over the planet, the proposed Project Damocles was approved with a five out of six vote. Owlman began construction of a Quantum Eigenstate Device that would give them the power to do so. He secretly planned to use it to destroy the planet. After J'edd J'arkus' death, Owlman concluded his Made Men lacked any managerial talent to ascend and replace the Martian. Instead, he associated them with his family to retain stability.

In search of the Quantum Trigger, Owlmen and Superwoman led several of his Made Men on a raid of the Justice League's base. Instead, he was intrigued to learn Alexander Luthor solved a longstanding decoherence problem, proved parallel Earths exist, and figured out a way to travel between them. Owlman then ordered Black Power to download all of Luthor's data into his personal computer and for everyone else to strip the facility of anything useful then destroy it. Before that could happen, Luthor and a new Justice League teleported in and a fight followed. When his Made Men were easily defeated, Owlman pursued the League in his jet and was soundly ejected by Wonder Woman. Undaunted, Owlman glided back to a nearby city and made his way to a meeting of the family heads. He then briefed the Syndicate on the progress of the QED. Upon returning to his Eyrie, Owlman analyzed Luthor's data and constructed a second Transit Device, with two upgrades, that could track quantum signatures and lock out other devices from accessing a certain Earth.

He then began to reforumlate his plans and concluded that by destroying Earth Prime, he could destroy all realities and thus, end the chaos that had a role in traumatizing him so many years ago. This chaos is mankind. He revealed his intentions to Superwoman and she agreed to help him. Owlman then assigned her to use the Transit Device to retrieve the stolen Quantum Trigger from the Justice League's Watchtower. Meanwhile, he would continue trying to finish the QED and attend another meeting. Captain Super breached protocol and interrupted the meeting to deliver the Trigger to Owlman. With the QED armed, he only needed to lock onto the vibrational coordinates of Earth Prime. When Batman arrived to stop him, Owlman proceeded to beat him to death but was defeated at the last possible moment.

Batman reprogrammed the QED and Owlman to be teleported to an uninhabited frozen Earth. Despite having the opportunity to use the Transit Device to escape and abort the QED's countdown, Owlman accepted death and allowed it to expire. In that moment, Owlman realized that by teleporting to Earth Prime, he created a new Multiverse and Earth Prime could never be destroyed through an act of free will.