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Mr. Action

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Real Identity: Jimmy Olsen
Affiliation(s): Crime Syndicate and Made Men
Powers/Skills: Enhanced Strength and Flight
Voiced By: Richard Green

Mr. Action is a parallel version of a Daily Planet photographer, Jimmy Olsen. Both also share trademark red hair, freckles, and bowtie. However, he is an evil strongman, one of the Crime Syndicate's Made Men, and is the first lieutenant of Ultraman. As a practical and precautionary measure, Action wears a signal watch that can alert Ultraman with an ultra sonic frequency.

During a series of coordinated attacks, Alexander Luthor and Superman tried to coax Ultraman into a fight. Instead, Action appeared and tried to brush them off with the suggestion of calling Ultraman's receptionist. Luthor convinced him to fight but Superman easily locked him in a hold. Luthor then activated his watch. Ultraman appeared soon after. In the aftermath, Ultraman and Action were taken away by the police.