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Johnny Quick

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Real Identity: Unknown
Affiliation(s): Crime Syndicate
Powers/Skills: Enhanced Speed
Voiced By: James Patrick Stuart

A British man of unexplained origins gained powers from the Speed Force and can travel at super speed. He took the codename Johnny Quick and became a family head of the Crime Syndicate. Unlike the others, he displays an openly nonchalant attitude. Quick's three top Made Men, in order, are Warwolf, Scream Queen, and Archer. One of his known rackets is weapons smuggling.

When Owlman quickly absorbed some of the late J'edd J'arkus' Made Men into his family, Quick appeared to protest the move but he was over ruled by Ultraman. A short time later, one of his smuggling operations was disrupted by the Flash and J'onn J'Onzz. Quick abandoned his cargo and men and escaped by running on water. When Owlman betrayed everyone, Quick volunteered to vibrate at a precise speed to allow Alexander Luthor to lock on Owlman's carrier wave. Quick would have to hold the speed in order for the portal to generate. After Batman returned, he quickly ordered Quick to stop. It was too late, the damage was done. The vibrations accelerated Quick's age and he died in the Flash's arms of old age.