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Real Identity: Unknown
Affiliation(s): Crime Syndicate and Made Men
Powers/Skills: Sound Manipulation
Voiced By: Carlos Alazraqui

Breakdance is a parallel version of the superhero, Vibe. He is able to focus and generate his power through dance moves, hence his codename. He is one of the Crime Syndicate's Made Men, and is a lieutenant of the Martian, J'edd J'arkus. However, after J'arkus' death, most of his Made Men were absorbed by Owlman. He quickly countered a lack of managerial talent needed to succeed J'arkus and they needed to be associated with a family head immediately. Ultraman consented and allowed Owlman to keep them for the time being.

During a raid of the Justice League's floating fortress, Breakdance was one of the Made Men that joined Owlman and Superwoman. Shortly after reporting to them the Quantum Trigger was absent, the Syndicate faced off against a parallel Justice League. Breakdance attacked Superman while he fought against Superwoman. Superman resisted his sound waves and simply tossed him into a wall, knocking the villain unconscious.