Woozy Winks

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Real Identity: Wolfgang "Woozy" Winks
Appearances: Death Race to Oblivion!, Long Arm of the Law!, and Mitefall!
Skills: None
Voiced By: Stephen Root

Woozy Winks is a small-time criminal recognizeable by his odd fashion sense and on & off status as Plastic Man's deputized sidekick. Winks gets his nickname because he's bumbling, inept, overweight, and a slob. On one occassion, Winks was teleported with Plastic Man to participate in Mongul's Death Race. He developed a voyeuristic interest in Catwoman. When Green Arrow took charge to escape and destroy the Warmoon, Winks was charged with activating an electromagnetic pulse and weakening the prison cell's force field enough for Guy Gardner to escape and recover his power ring. Winks came in handy again when Plastic Man and Batman faced off against Kite Man and Rubberneck. He altered Kite Man's Theta Ray and restored Plastic Man to normal.