Vilsi Valar

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Real Identity: Vilsi Valar
Affiliation(s): Solar Cycle Globe
Appearances: The Super-Batman of Planet X!
Skills: Journalism
Voiced By: Dana Delany

Vilsi Valar is the star reporter of Gothtropolis' news organization, the Solar Cycle Globe. She often works with Tlano, who is secretly Batman whom she loves. Known as a daredevil, Valar often trudges into dangerous territory to capture the news, even at the risk of her own life. She often records herself with an automated camera. To an Earthling, it looks like a floating eyeball. Years later, while covering a rampage initiated by Rohtul, Valar was almost killed by a falling robot. Batman of Earth saved her twice in a row, winning her admiration. However, the Batman of Zur En Arrh soon won back her attention after saving her and the new Batman.