Vicki Vale

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Real Identity: Victoria "Vicki" Vale
Appearances: Night of the Batmen!, Battle of the Superheroes!, Triumvirate of Terror!, and Mitefall!
Skills: Journalism
Voiced By: Gabrielle Carteris

Vicki Vale is a reporter in Gotham City. She is mainly focused on trying to prove Batman and Bruce Wayne are one in the same. However, she hasn't been able to obtain any evidence nor get them to admit it. Vale was on the scene of a bank heist committed by King Tut. Tut was defeated by Batman and Robin, who dressed as mummies to repel Tut's weapon. Several years later, Vale was a reporter at the release of Aquaman's latest memoir, "The One Where Batman Almost Died." Some time later, she and Batman were bound to a giant exploding pie death trap. Batman escaped and boarded the Whirly-Bat with Vale and defeated the Joker. That night, Bruce Wayne was due for a dinner date with Vale but Batman was kidnapped by Lex Luthor. Vale was one of Gotham's citizens to view a live feed of the Legion of Doom trying to kill Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman.