Steve Trevor

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Real Identity: Major Steven Rockwell "Steve" Trevor
Affiliation(s): Global Peace Agency
Appearances: The Knights of Tomorrow!, Scorn of the Star Sapphire!, and Triumvirate of Terror!
Skills: Military Training, Piloting, and Intelligence
Voiced By: Sean Donnellan

Steve Trevor is an intelligence officer for the US Army. He crashed on Themyscira and was nursed back to health by Princess Diana. They fell in love and traveled back to the outside world where Diana took the name Diana Prince and Wonder Woman. Trevor became an operative for the Global Peace Agency and was often provided support from Wonder Woman.

Major Trevor was assigned to stop Baroness Von Gunther from launching twin missiles at the Geneva Arms Conference. He was accompanied by Batman. However, both were captured and tied to the weapons. Despite certain death, Trevor remained confident that Wonder Woman would save them and she did. In the aftermath, Batman wondered to himself what Wonder Woman saw in Trevor. In Washington D.C., Trevor was neutralized by Cheetah in the Museum of Natural History. Wonder Woman arrived and defeated her. Trevor appeared in Alfred Pennyworth's tale, "The Knights of Tomorrow!" during the wedding and funeral of Bruce and Selina Wayne. He appeared to be the husband of Diana Prince.