Georgette Taylor

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Real Identity: Georgette Taylor
Appearances: Scorn of the Star Sapphire!
Skills: Journalism
Voiced By: Eliza Jane Schneider

Georgette Taylor is a magazine reporter who writes about the famous and infamous. One of Taylor's known assignments was Hal Jordan, test pilot of Ferris Aircraft. Taylor was allowed on Ferris testing grounds and witness Jordan pilot a Batmobile prototype. She was even allowed to ride a Batboat prototype with Carol Ferris. However, Taylor's smothering questioning led her to become a hostage of Star Sapphire. Sapphire made a construct around Taylor that made it look like she was the Star Sapphire. Batman and Green Lantern neutralized Taylor and sent her back to Coast City. She recovered but discovered that Carol Ferris was Star Sapphire. Luckily, Batman sprayed her with his Bat Amnesia Spray. Unable to remember anything recent, Taylor stormed off.