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Real Identity: Sardath
Appearances: Mystery in Space! and Four Star Spectacular! (Worlds War)
Skills: Science and Technology
Voiced By: Richard McGonagle

Sardath is the high science arcon on the planet Rann, 25 trillion miles from Earth. His peaceful planet fell under the constant threat of warfare. Unable to fend for themselves, the people of Rann turned to its scientific community. Sardath created the Zeta Beam as a mode of long distance communication. Hoping he would find allies, he instead transported an Earth man named Adam Strange to Rann. After telling Strange about their plight, he agreed to help Sardath and all of Rann. Over time, Strange fell in love with Sardath's daughter, Alanna.

While the other Rannians fought off Gordanian invaders, Sardath maintained his station and watched the battle. He was quick to point out the odds were against Rann both times when Battle Tripods appeared and when the trio of super heroes tried to tap off of Rann's underwater thermal vents to increase the power of the Zeta Beam.