Alanna Strange

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Real Identity: Alanna Strange
Appearances: Mystery in Space! and Four Star Spectacular! (Worlds War)
Skills: Science and Technology
Voiced By: Catherine Cavadini

Alanna is the daughter of Rann's top scientist, Sardath. She helped him to locate allies to fight off invasion. Their would-be hero was Adam Strange, from Earth. Strange and Alanna fell in love and married. In her time with Strange, she was inspired to embrace the life of adventure and thrill of the battle. She also became Strange's source of strength.

During a Gordanian invasion, the Strange's coordinated an extraction of Batman when he arrived from Earth. Adam Strange would pick him up and Alanna would arrive in their flying car. Later, in the Sea of Abex, Strange disappeared and a defenseless Alanna was kidnapped by the Gordanians. He managed to return in time, helped defeat the Gordanians, and rescued Alanna.