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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Mystery in Space! and Four Star Spectacular! (Worlds War)
Skills: Science and Technology
Voiced By:

The Rannians inhabit a planet 25 trillion miles from Earth. After experiencing the carnage of civil war, their race chose the peaceful pursuit of knowledge and destroyed most of their weapons. The civilization utilized other technologies such as robots, flying cars, and jetpacks. Their lack of offensive technology often led them vulnerable to invasion by other races such as the Gordanians. Their High Science Arcon, Sardath created the Zeta Beam as a mode of long distance communication to seek out aid. He mistakingly transported an Earth man named Adam Strange to Rann. But after telling Strange about their plight, he agreed to help Sardath and all of Rann. Over time, the Rannians looked to Strange for leadership.