Queen Mera

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Real Identity: Queen Mera
Appearances: Evil Under the Sea!, Aquaman's Outrageous Adventure!, Clash of the Metal Men!, The Power of Shazam!, The Siege of Starro! Part One, Sword of the Atom!, and Mitefall!
Skills: Leadership
Voiced By: Sirena Irwin

Queen Mera is the wife of Aquaman, king of the undersea kingdom, Atlantis. Together they had a son they named Arthur Junior. She recently convinced the family to have a cross country vacation in the surface world. Mera believed it would be the perfect way to broaden their minds and experience new cultures. She was not pleased when it was revealed Arthur was sneaking away to fight crime. However, she relented and rallied Arthur to help Batman save the day.

A short time later, Queen Mera and Atlantis were under attack by the Faceless Hunter. He managed to win and implant every citizen with a Starro clone.