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Real Identity: Prez Rickard
Affiliation(s): United States of America
Appearances: Triumvirate of Terror! and Mitefall!
Powers/Skills: Leadership, Politics, and Oration
Voiced By: Jeff Bennet

In Steadfast, Middle America, a Martha Rickard named her son "Prez" because she believed he would one day become President of the United States of America. Prez was largely an idealist but his sunny disposition, enthusiasm, and optimistic outlook garnered him a position as U.S. Senator just as the age eligibility was lowered. A rather youthful Congress passed a constitutional amendment that lowered the age of eligibility of those running for President from 35 to 18 years. Senator Rickard was soon voted President and became the first teenager to hold the position. Among his cabinet, Prez' mother serves as Vice President and sister as Secretary of State.

During a public appearance, Prez had the honor of opening the Superhero Memorial's time capsule and reveal the item donated by Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman 50 years ago. Prez was confused by the jukebox but was happy to present it. The ceremony was cut short when giant robots attacked. Prez was taken to safety by the Secret Service while Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman appeared to save the day.