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Real Identity: Merlin Ambrosius
Appearances: Day of the Dark Knight!, Trials of the Demon!, and The Siege of Starro! Part One
Powers/Skills: Magic
Voiced By: David McCallum

Merlin Ambrosius is the wizard and mentor of King Arthur in the 5th century. Aware that King Arthur was only human, Merlin kept safeguards in place to secure Camelot's survival. He hid away Excalibur and used his magic to bind and control the Demon Etrigan to Jason Blood. However, Merlin made a critical error when he took Arthur's half-sister Morgaine Le Fey as a student. Le Fey lusted for power and took over Camelot. Desperate, Merlin used mystic runes to discover who else could wield Excalibur.

His search took him to modern times where he recruited Batman and Green Arrow. After seeing both in action, Merlin was convinced that Batman was the chosen one. In the decisive battle with Morgaine Le Fey, Merline managed to free both Batman and Etrigan from Le Fey's control. Ever grateful, Merlin was eager to knight both super heroes but their bickering convinced him to return the duo back to their time.

Merlin continued to fight the supernatural and his former student, Le Fey. In the 1500's, he battled a demon prince named Asteroth alongside Etrigan. The duo used Wagner's Horn to bind Asteroth to the underworld and end his campaign to take over the mortal world.