Matches Malone

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Real Identity: Unknown
Affiliation(s): Batman
Appearances: The Super-Batman of Planet X! and The Mask of Matches Malone!
Skills: Organized Crime, Arson, Fraud, and Theft
Voiced By: Diedrich Bader

Matches Malone is an undercover identity created by Batman to infiltrate the criminal underworld. His namesake comes from being an arsonist for hire and a habit of keeping a match in his hand at all times. He also has a very unique appearance: tinted glasses, well groomed hair and mustache, and a striped shirt and plaid suit combination. Batman also uses his skills to mimic a northern New Jersey accent for Matches. Some years later, Batman continues to use the Matches disguise. Even in an outer space sting, he dressed as Matches in a deal to buy weapons energizers from Kanjar-Ro. When the deal went south, Matches quickly revealed himself as Batman.

Months later, Batman donned the Matches Malone identity again, this time to infiltrate the Double Decker Club and attend an underworld summit called by Two-Face. In the inevitable confrontation, Malone was hit in the head by a sandbag. Malone awoke, believing to be a gangster, and took the Cloak of Nefertiti for himself. He declared himself Gotham's new top mob boss and offered to match what Two-Face was paying and double it. Malone went on daring thefts that took one of his nine lives gifted by the Cloak: a First Bank of Gotham robbery, a train robbery, and an armored car hijacking. He even stole from Clock King and chased off various super villains like the Penguin, Joker, and Mr. Freeze then occupied their hideouts. Malone eventually caught the Birds of Prey and spread word across town to lure Batman into a final battle. Instead, Two-Face arrived and took his last life. Catwoman then tricked Malone and tossed over the side of building to his death. The Cloak, out of nine lives, gave a free life for Batman. Back to normal, Batman helped take Two-Face and half the criminal underworld into police custody.