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Real Identity: Queen Mera
Appearances: Sword of the Atom!
Powers/Skills: Armed Combat
Voiced By: Not Applicable

The Katarthans are a race of microscopic aliens. A long time ago, a Katarthan spacecraft crash landed on Earth. Unable to fix their ship or broadcast a distress call, the surviving Katarthans decided to make a new home in the Amazon. The city of Morlaidh was established and the Katarthans prospered. They remained hidden from mankind until the former superhero Ray Palmer discovered them. Palmer was allowed to help them repair their ship and he also fell in love with Princess Laethwen.

Not all approved of an outsider. When Chancellor Deraegis learned Laethwen intended to marry Ray Palmer and have him rule by her side, he initiated a coup and took power for himself. Batman, Aquaman, Ryan Choi, and Ray Palmer defeated Deraegis and his followers. Laethwen was reinstated as leader of the Katarthans.