Global Peace Agency

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: When OMAC Attacks!
Powers/Skills: Law Enforcement
Voiced By: Dee Bradley Baker and Keone Young

Years ago, a group of aliens foresaw the Great Disaster of the 21st century. Dedicated to preventing the event, they formed the Global Peace Agency (GPA) on Earth. The Agency's first move was Project OMAC, which included the construction of the Brother Eye satellite. With the satellite, they were able to create a champion, named OMAC, to uphold their mandate and battle all threats to Earth. Among the public, the GPA is a law enforcement organization that preserves peace and while secretly trying to prevent the Great Disaster. However, they operated in the moral gray, executed lives to save a country, and used unwitting pawns as soldiers.

The GPA recently requested the services of Batman to find and capture Marshal Kafka, alive. After taking too long, the GPA became impatient and assigned OMAC to team up with Batman and finish the mission at hand. They were further agitated when they learned Kafka was mutated into a powerful entity called Shrapnel. When Batman told them about Equinox, they were confused and even they possessed no intelligence on the person. Instead, they were more concerned that Brother Eye's satellite link was disrupted during battle. Several months later, Batman teamed up with another GPA operative, Steve Trevor, to stop Baroness Von Gunther from blowing up the Geneva Arms Conference with a pair of missiles.