Commissioner Gordon

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Real Identity: Commissioner James "Jim" Gordon
Affiliation(s): Gotham City Police Department
Appearances: The Knights of Tomorrow! and Joker: The Vile and The Villainous!
Skills: Law Enforcement
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Police officer James Gordon decided to transfer from Chicago to Gotham City with his wife Barbara and child. Gordon quickly became infamous for being an honest cop in an otherwise corrupt department. During the night of the murders of Dr. and Mrs. Wayne, he consoled Bruce Wayne. Gordon eventually was promoted to the rank of Sergeant and was partnered with Detective Flass, who was also a low level mob enforcer.

When Batman appeared, he enlisted the help of Sergeant Gordon. Gordon was wary of letting a vigilante loose in Gotham City but saw that Batman served as an important meants to an end that he couldn't accomplish. Soon after, Gordon was promoted to Lieutenant and started a secret partnership with Batman. He eventually rose to the rank of Commissioner and ran the Gotham City Police Department. It soon became a well-known informal practice of Gordon's to allow Batman extra time to investigate a crime scene. His daughter Dr. Barbara Gordon went on to become Batgirl.

Gordon appeared in Alfred Pennyworth's tale, "The Knights of Tomorrow!" during the wedding and funeral of Bruce and Selina Wayne.