Bat Men

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Affiliation(s): Animal Men and Bat Men
Appearances: The Last Bat on Earth!
Powers/Skills: Flight and Echolocation
Voiced By:

After the Great Disaster, one of the Animal Men that emerged was the Bat People. Like bats of the 20th century, the Bat People prefer to live in caverns. The majorities of them have settled in the northern caves of South America and structure themselves as a tribe led by a chieftain.

A clan resides in Batman's Batcave in former Gotham City. When they encountered Kamandi, Dr. Canus, and Batman, they concluded that Batman mocked them with his costume. The trio drove off the clan but they kept watch over them. Upon observing Batman in battle, the Bat Men joined the coalition to defeat the Ape Men.