Arthur Jr.

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Real Identity: Prince Arthur, Jr.
Appearances: Aquaman's Outrageous Adventure!, Clash of the Metal Men!, The Power of Shazam!, The Siege of Starro! Part One, Sword of the Atom!, and Mitefall!
Powers/Skills: Animal Telepathy, Hydrokinesis, Enhanced Strength, and Underwater Survival
Voiced By: Preston Strother

Prince Arthur, Jr. is the son of King Arthur and Queen Mera of Atlantis. While heir to the throne, Jr. is only an infant. However, eager to teach his son the ways of heroism, Aquaman has been known to take him along on adventures.

Now in his pre-teens or early teens, Arthur Jr. is interested in spending more time with his friends than family and playing video games. Despite his upbringing, Jr. appears to have an attitude, as well. He wears a deep blue camoflauge suit. While on a family vacation, Arthur Jr. witnessed his father's heroics firsthand and was inspired to fight more crime after helping defeat the Penguin.

After returning to Atlantis, Arthur Jr. and the rest of the city's citizens were all implanted with Starro clones by the Faceless Hunter. They overwhelmed Aquaman when he returned from a mission with Batman.