Fawcett City, Wisconsin

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Aquaman's Outrageous Adventure!, The Power of Shazam!, and The Malicious Mr. Mind!
Powers: Not Applicable
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Fawcett City is an idealistic and peaceful city in Wisconsin. Shazam sought to protect it from the urban corruption that befalls all locales. He enlisted Ibis the Invincible to help distort the flow of time around Fawcett. As a result, it maintains its 1940-50's sensibility. However, Fawcett wasn't completely protected. Thaddeus Sivana and many others began to rise. Shazam decided the city needed a protector and chose Billy Batson to be Captain Marvel. He immediately won the love and adoration of Fawcett City. Some of the new villains to be sighted in Fawcett are Blockbuster and Black Adam.

While on vacation, the Aquaman Family visited Fawcett City and its main tourist attraction, the World's Largest House of Sod. Other notable locations are WHIZ Radio in the downtown area and a subway system used by Billy Batson to travel to Shazam's cavern. Several law-abiding citizens such as Tom Tyler, Ms. Minerva, and the Bromfield Family call Fawcett City home. Eventually, the most vile supervillains of Fawcett City organized themselves and formed the Monster Society of Evil but Fawcett City was now under the protection of three superheroes: Captain Marvel, Mary Marvel, and Captain Marvel Junior.