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Real Identity: Bruce Wayne
Appearances: Game Over for Owlman! and Night of the Batmen!
Powers/Skills: Enhanced Strength, Knowledge of sciences, martial arts and other hand to hand combat, electronics, above average attributes, escape arts and infiltration
Voiced By: Diedrich Bader

On one fateful Christmas day, a family of three left their favorite movie theater in Gotham City's Park Row. The couple's son, Bruce, is disenchanted by their movie choice, "The Mask of Zorro." Previously, he didn't get the right toy he wanted for Christmas. Dr. Wayne, disappointed he couldn't make his son happy, decides it is time to go home. They take a wrong turn into an unlit alleyway. A desperate man with a gun demands the group's valuables. A scuffle follows. Within seconds, Dr. Thomas and Martha Wayne are dead. Their son, Bruce Wayne has forever had his childhood stolen from him.

He became obsessed with the pursuit of justice and created a plan for the rest of his life. Once old enough, Bruce Wayne traveled the world and honed his body and mind to the highest physical peak. Along the way, he studied every known science including criminology, forensics, chemistry and psychology. Wayne trained under manhunters and martial arts masters and in time, became an unrivaled master, himself.

Years later, Bruce Wayne returned to Gotham City. He took on what most critics called a figurehead position as joint CEO in Wayne Enterprises, as he maintained a public image of a billionaire playboy. One day, Wayne investigated a den of bats on his property and discovered a system of caverns that stretched beyond his 150 acre estate into most of Gotham. He converted the caverns into his alter-ego's base of operations, complete with state of the art technology pinched secretly from Wayne Enterprises Research and Development. Chemistry and forensics lab, a high-tech computer database, a secret driveway, dock and shrines decorated the cave. Wayne then created a suitable identity for himself. It was something to use the darkness as a weapon, to strike fear in the hearts of criminals, Batman.

The Riddler, Joker and Penguin team up together to commit a series of crimes to draw out Batman. While investigating, he falls into a trap. Batman is exposed to a chemical created by the Joker and it causes Batman to periodically change into a creature named "Bat-Hulk." Bat-Hulk is more larger and muscular than Batman.