Superman's Pet

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Real Identity: Gleek
Appearances: Legends of the Dark Mite!
Powers: Size Manipulation, Magnetism, Flight, and Enhanced Strength
Voiced By: Not Applicable

While on a mission in space, Superman unknowingly acquired an alien and kept it as pet. It only spoke the word "Gleek" and looked something like a green alien panda. The alien was attached to Superman and decided to follow and imitate him. However, when Gleek was angered, it would grow to towering heights and have super strength. While Superman, Batman, and Robin fought a gang called the Wreckers, the pet became too much trouble. Superman flew into space to try and locate its home planet. They were trapped in a meteor shower that also had a large Kryptonite meteor in it. Gleek sacrificed its life to save Superman. When Superman fell to a dead planet, the pet extracted the Kryptonite's deadly rays and absorbed them, dying in the process.

Years later, when Bat Mite was insulted by Batman's comments, he transported him to a distant planet and populated it with aliens and monsters. One of the monsters was Gleek.