Star Conqueror

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: The Siege of Starro! Part Two
Powers/Skills: Enhanced Power Absorption, Enhanced Strength, Impenetrable Skin, and Laser Emission
Voiced By: Dee Bradley Baker

The Star Conqueror was created when the Faceless Hunter forced B'Wana Beast to create a new force of death and destruction. B'Wana's powers were transmitted from Hunter's space cruiser and fused Starro with all of its clones into an invincible monster. To make matters worse, it rendered the past strategies of preventing the Starro Invasion, Shazam's lightning and power overload, useless and had a more enhanced version of power absorption than Starro alone. It could either fire a laser from its eye or generate a field around itself to instantly drain power. The Star Conqueror also used its strength to turn nearby tower installations into giant tuning forks by creating vibrational waves strong enough to destroy cities. With only three, it could destroy the eastern seaboard.

Batman deduced it was time to confront the Faceless Hunter and save B'Wana Beast in order to also defeat the monster. He had Booster Gold enlist the Metal Men in fighting and distracting the Star Conqueror from its course of action while he traveled into space. As a method of last resort, the Metal Men combined into one giant robot, Alloy, and fought a losing battle against the monster. B'Wana Beast sacrificed his life to weaken the Star Conqueror's physiology. Alloy recovered and beat the monster into submission, splitting it back into several thousand clones and Starro.