Horned Whales of Abex

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Mystery In Space!
Skills: Horned Protrusions
Voiced By:

The Horned Whales of Abex inhabit a specific body of water on the planet Rann, the Sea of Abex. Similar to whales on Earth, this species differentiates itself by overgrown teeth and a sharp protrusion near its spout that is reminiscent of a horn.

The whales were summoned by Aquaman when he, Batman, Adam Strange, and Alanna Strange discovered the Gordanians were trying to reactivate the Eye of Zared. However, Aquaman didn't want to see the whales harmed and scared them away. Soon after, he utilized them to help secure a power source for Rann's Zeta Beam and Aquaman triumphantly rode two back to shore.