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Real Identity: Fluke
Appearances: Evil Under the Sea!, The Fate of Equinox!, Aquaman's Outrageous Adventure!, Clash of the Metal Men!, Sword of the Atom!, and Bold Beginnings!
Skills: Echolocation and Above Average Physical Attributes
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Fluke the dolphin is one of many sea creatures close to Aquaman, ruler of Atlantis. Like something of a pet dog, Fluke is a loyal ally of Aquaman and often reports to him on undersea activity. For reasons unknown, Fluke has an even larger affinity for Batman and constantly bids for his attention. Batman, on the otherhand, is not very fond of Fluke until he saved Batman's life during a battle inititated by Ocean Master and Black Manta.

When Equinox was reborn as a god, the space-time continuum began to swing violently between order and chaos. One of the events that took place because of this was the arrival of million year old beasts converging on Atlantis. Aquaman and his army, along with Fluke, stood by ready to defend their home. Soon after, the Fluke accompanied Imp and Storm to aid Aquaman to the Rescue on Rainbow Reef. Together, they defeated Fisherman and saved a group of research scientists. While Aquaman was above surface fighting pirates with Batman, Fluke and all of Atlantis were taken over by Starro spawn.