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Real Identity: Ace
Appearances: Legends of the Dark Mite!, The Siege of Starro! Part One, Plague of the Prototypes!, and Mitefall!
Skills: Above Average Intelligence, Unarmed Combat, Tracking, and Crime Fighting
Voiced By: Dee Bradley Baker

An engraving specialist named John Wilker once owned a German Shepherd dog named Ace. Ace has a strange star marking on his forehead. When Wilker was kidnapped by a counterfeit ring, Batman and Robin found and temporarily adopted Ace. Batman used Ace to track down Wilker but considered that Ace may give away his secret identity. Batman fashioned a hood to partially conceal Ace's head and attached a Bat emblem to his collar. A criminal "named" Batman's new partner, Bathound and the identity stuck ever since. Wilker was eventually saved and he decided to let Bruce Wayne keep Ace.

Batman decided to continue use Bathound in select missions. While overseas, he and Bathound defeated Catman. Bathound personally subdued Catman and a stolen Sumatran tiger. In return, Batman gave him a Bat Treat. He also serves as guard dog of the Batcave and chases away visitors who outlive their stay, such as Booster Gold. During the Starro Invasion, even Bathound was implanted with a Starro clone. Some time after, Batman decided to create robots to patrol Gotham in his absence. The prototype was appropriately named Proto. Ace developed an odd fondness for it and prompted Batman to not deactivate it. When the Batcave received a distress signal from the Batmobile, Ace went against his master's orders and activated an exit for he and Proto to use. They extracted Batman from the damaged Batmobile and went about to stop Black Mask and the Bat-Robots.

Ace was outfitted with his own rocket glider similar to Batman's, as his nose would be crucial in tracking the robots down in time. Bat-Mite briefly altered reality so that Ace's nephew, Punchichi, joined the Bat-Family.