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Real Identity: Winslow Percival Schott
Appearances: Battle of the Superheroes!
Powers/Skills: Genius and Engineering
Voiced By: John DiMaggio

Winslow Schott is a former British toymaker. Schott blamed Lex Luthor and his company, LexCorp, for being fired from the toy company he was employed by. He used his toymaking talents to seek revenge as Toyman. However, he was defeated by Superman. Since then Toyman commits various crimes in Metropolis using toys that are actually deadly weapons.

During a theft of the Bank of Metropolis, Toyman was defeated by Superman again. However, during the capture, Superman was infected by Red Kryptonite. He turned into a egomaniac and attempted to make an example of Toyman. Batman saved Toyman's life and pulled him to safety.