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Real Identity: Roscoe Dillon
Appearances: Return of the Fearsome Fangs!, Night of the Huntress!, Mayhem of the Music Meister!, and Aquaman's Outrageous Adventure!
Skills: Enhanced Speed and Induced Vertigo
Voiced By:

Roscoe Dillon was always interested in tops, gyroscopes and anything else that spun. Dillon later became a criminal, then a super villain, the Top. Based in Central City, the Top has the ability to spin at great speeds and induce vertigo.

The Top has been known to surface in other places besides Central City. He recently attempted to rob a National City Bank of Gotham in Gotham City but was easily caught by Batman. Batman utilized an electrified net that shorted Top's technology and restricted his movement. Top was taken to Blackgate Prison to serve his sentence but transferred to Arkham Asylum.

The Top escaped and resurfaced in Smallville, Kansas. He was chased by Red Tornado and the battle was witnessed by Aquaman while he was driving his family on a cross country vacation. Top was defeated by Tornado without Aquaman's assistance, much to his delight.