Star Sapphire

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Real Identity: Carol Ferris
Affiliation(s): Ferris Aircraft
Appearances: Scorn of the Star Sapphire! and Powerless!
Powers/Skills: Construct Generation, Flight, Piloting, and Business
Voiced By: Vicki Lewis (Star Sapphire) and Rachel Quaintance (Carol Ferris)

Carol Ferris is the only child of the aerospace mogul, Carl Ferris. She proved herself to be a successful businesswomen and became the family company's Vice President. Ferris mostly handles day to day affairs of Ferris Aircraft. The Zamarons chose Ferris to be the host body for their queen. They intercepted her while she was testing a prototype for Ferris Industries. When given a violet power ring forged from the Star Sapphire gem, Ferris changed and became Star Sapphire, a being of pure evil bent on conquest of Earth.

Star Sapphire was defeated by Green Lantern (Hal Jordan). However, Jordan discovered that Ferris and Star Sapphire were seperate personalities and Ferris has no recollection that she is Star Sapphire. Fearing the truth would shatter her mind, Jordan kept the discovery a secret and tried to find a way to help her. Losing Ferris was his greatest fear. During testing of the latest Batmobile prototypes, Star Sapphire used the reporter Georgette Taylor as a patsy and launched the Zamaron invasion of Earth. Upon opening a portal for the Zamarons, Star Sapphire battled Green Lantern. He managed to reach out to Ferris and admitted his love for her. Both personalities fought each other and Star Sapphire was defeated once again.