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Real Identity: Thomas Wayne
Affiliation(s): Injustice Syndicate of Amerika
Appearances: Deep Cover for Batman! and Game Over for Owlman!
Skills: Knowledge of sciences, martial arts and other hand to hand combat, electronics, above average attributes, escape arts and infiltration
Voiced By: Diedrich Bader

Thomas Wayne was born on Earth Three. As a child, Thomas Wayne witnessed the murders of his mother and younger brother, Bruce. In retaliation, he blamed his father, Commissioner Thomas Wayne of Gotham City's Police Department for their deaths.

Obsessed with getting revenge, Wayne traveled the world and trained in various disciplines to fulfill his personal mission. During this time, he manifested the ability to temporarily influence and control the minds of those around him. After a few years, Wayne returned to Gotham City and assumed the identity of Owlman from an old Halloween costume, and began a crime spree. He later founded the Crime Syndicate of Amerika. The most notable aspect of his costume are the large reflective owl eyes, outfitted with night vision lens, on his helmet.

Owlman, unlike Batman, preferred to operate openly and his headquarters, the Eyrie of Evil is located in Gotham City. The Eyrie also serves as base of operations for the Injustice Syndicate of Amerika whom Owlman is the brains of the operation and is a harsh taskmaster to his comrades. His arch-rival is the Red Hood. After discovering Red Hood's secret hideout at the Ace Chemical Plant, Owlman confronted and tossed the Red Hood into a vat of chemicals. Some time later, when the Syndicate stole the Hood's phase oscillator, Owlman elected himself to explore a parallel Earth and determine its viability for conquest. Instead, Owlman was defeated by that Earth's Batman and locked away in the Batcave.

While Batman was on Earth 3, Owlman escaped Batman's failsafe prison cell and perpetrated crimes as Batman. He also stole the Batmobile and reprogrammed it. Unable to continue his crime spree indefinitely, Owlman also stole certain files from the Bat Computer that revealed how to defeat every super hero. Owlman captured several heroes and blackmailed Batman for control of the phase oscillator so he could return to Earth 3 and free his comrades. In the meantime, Owlman gathered several super villains and managed to lure the Joker to his side. However, the Joker insisted he kill Batman. In that instant, the tide of the battle turned and Owlman was defeated. The Batmen of various universes escorted Owlman back to Earth 3 as he swore revenge.