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Real Identity: Chemo
Appearances: Journey to the Center of the Bat!, Clash of the Metal Men!, and Mitefall!
Powers: Acid Secretion, Size Manipulation, and Enhanced Strength
Voiced By: Dee Bradley Baker

Professor Ramsey Norton made it his life's mission to create a way to save the Earth. Every experiment continued to yield no results. Norton disposed of the chemicals into a humanoid-shaped vat that he nicknamed "Chemo." Over time, the chemicals began to mutate. The catalyst was a failed plant growth serum. Chemo became a lifeform with basic sentience. After killing Norton with its acidic breath, Chemo went on a rampage until he was defeated. Chemo is seemingly rendered inert or destroyed only to resurface some time after.

The Brain used Chemo in his latest scheme to take over Bialya. Batman and Aquaman intervened but Batman was infected by Chemo. The Atom and Aquaman shrunk themselves and enter Batman's body to fight the phylosilicates. Meanwhile, Chemo was programmed to steal a nuclear warhead and eat it. In time, Chemo's corrosive make-up would dissolve the casing and cause an explosion unless absolute control of the country was granted to the Brain. Batman had no choice and ejected himself into Chemo to disarm the warhead. Using several Bat Grenades, Batman escaped and dissolved Chemo.

Some time later, Chemo resurfaced in a harbor district and unleashed a toxic spill. Batman arrived alone to confront the beast. However, he was saved by and met the Metal Men. Together, they defeated Chemo with their shapeshifting powers. Iron dealt the final blow, in the form of a cannonball.