Suitable For Framing | Issue #5

Release Date: February 26, 2014
Heroes: Katana and Batman
Villains: Whitey Blackmon, Battleaxe, Cheryl Dorne, Lai Kung, Christine Banner, Shiv, and Tobias Whale
Supporting: James Gordon and Alfred Pennyworth
Objects: Utility Belt and Soul Taker Sword,
Places: Gotham City, The Waterfront, Gotham Supermax Prison, and Batcave
Notes: Starts at Midnight
Continuity: James Gordon is a Captain and previously, Katana defeated Battleaxe in honorable combat
Story By: Mike W. Barr
Art and Cover By: Dario Brizuela
Colors By: Franco Riesco
Letters By: Wes Abbott
Editor: Alex Antone