The Rule of Three | Issue #2

Release Date: November 27, 2013
Heroes: Batman and Katana
Villains: Nicky Red, Lady Shiva, League of Assassins, Silver Monkey, and Professor Pyg
Supporting: Thomas and Martha Wayne, Robert Donnelly, Burt Preston, Mrs. Preston and Son, Alfred Pennyworth, and Edogawa Yamashiro
Objects: Utility Belt, Soul Taker, and Pyg and Toad's Steam Car
Places: Gotham City, Wayne Manor, Gotham City Stock Exchange, Larby's Distribution Center, and Gotham Arms
References: Sprang Bridge
Story By: Matthew K. Manning
Art and Cover By: Dario Brizuela
Color By: Franco Riesco
Letters By: Wes Abbott
Editor: Alex Antone
Special Thank To: Kristy Quinn and Jessica Chen