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Shorts Guide

Batman Unlimited

Click on the short title to find summaries and information about each individual short. Check out the glossary for quick stats definitions, and if you have any information, opinions, or images to add, make sure to use the forum, or contact us!

Guide Glossary:
Heroes: Characters that are major players in the movie or short, the plot revolves around these characters.
Villains: Usually the opposition to the Heroes, but more often than not, the plot also revolves around these characters at times.
Objects: Non-characters that appear.
Places: Places visited by characters or mentioned.

All shorts can be watched for free at the Youtube Channel DC Kids.


One: Training Standoff
Batman and Green Arrow stand-off in a training short.

Two: Batman Takes On Solomon Grundy
Solomon Grundy takes on Batman in the Battle Armor and the Clawstrike Batmobile.

Three: Red Robin and Nightwing Take Down Killer Croc
Red Robin & Nightwing take down Killer Croc with the help of Batman.

Four: Super Hero Training Battle
Batman, Green Arrow, and the Flash duke out their fighting style in a training short.

Five: Batman and Nightwing Gadget-Up To Go Against Silverback
Batman and Nightwing with the assistance of gadgets galore: Batarangs, Smoke Bombs, Nightsticks, Laser Sticks and Bolas emerge victorious over Silverback.

Six: The Race is On! Batman and The Flash Vs Cheetah
Batman on the Batcycle and the Flash race through Gotham to capture Cheetah.

Seven: Nightwing and Red Robin Vs Silverback
Nightwing and Red Robin team up to trample intruders and take down Silverback.

Eight: Batman, Red Robin Take on Man-Bat
Batman, Red Robin and his Cyber Bat take on Man-Bat.

Nine: Battle in the Streets
Batman in the Clawstrike Batmobile race through the streets to stop the Penguin in his Ice Truck.

Ten: Bank Robbery Gone Wrong
Batman and his side kick Cyber Wolf transforming Batcycle take down a gang of bank robbers.

Eleven: Duel with the Penguin
A Bat Sword wielding Batman and his sidekick Robotic Wolf defeat the Penguin.

Twelve: Iced Out
Batman is prepared for an ice storm when battling Mr. Freeze.

Thirteen: Bank Heist
The Joker and Scarecrow go head-to-head atop Gotham National Bank.

Fourteen: Fishing for Grundy
A quiet night of fishing gets disrupted when Solomon Grundy takes the bait.

Fifteen: Fight Night at the Museum
Fight & Fright Night at the museum with Batman, Red Robin and Scarecrow.

Sixteen: Boardwalk Battle
Batman and The Joker go for a wild ride on the carnival's boardwalk.

Seventeen: Training Exercises
Batman conducts training exercises in the Batcave for the team.

Eighteen: Divide and Conquer
Clayface tries to divide and conquer Red Robin and Nightwing.

Nineteen: No Joke
Batman and Green Arrow are done with The Joker's joking around.

Twenty: Bane Packs a Punch
Bane packs quite a punch in a showdown with Batman.

Twenty One: Run for the Money
Batman gives chase in the Batmobile as The Joker attempts to get away with stolen cash.

Twenty Two: Armored Truck Heist
Clayface tries to take the money and run.

Twenty Three: Break the Bank
Killer Croc makes an illegal withdrawal from Gotham National Bank. Can the Green Arrow and Batman stop him?

It's business as usual at Gotham National Bank until a super-sized Killer Croc arrives to make a withdrawal, ripping out the gigantic vault with one terrifying tug! But his escape gets complicated when he runs face-to-face into the Green Arrow Mech, who isn't going to let this crime stand. Teaming up with Batman in the Bat-Mech, Green Arrow must go hand-to-hand with this monster, who isn't about to go down easy.

Twenty Four: The Harder They Fall
Bane transforms into a bigger problem than before and wrecks havoc on the streets Gotham.

Mr. Freeze injects Bane with a terrifying Venom that super-sizes the villain into Giant Bane, who breaks out and smashes through Gotham City looking for his archenemy, Batman, who shows up on the Batcycle. It's hardly a fair fight between them, but the horrifying Bane may have underestimated just how many ingenious tricks the Dark Knight has up his gauntleted sleeve.

Twenty Five: Beat the Heat
Things get hot in the mountains when Clayface chases Batman and Robin.

Clayface, who's taken the form of lava, is hot on the heels of Robin, who goes full-speed on the Bat-ATV with a boiling wave burning up the road behind him. When the deadly, shape-shifting villain catches up with him, it looks like Robin has had his last adventure until Batman soars over in the Batjet. But it's going to take more than speed and weaponry to take on this fiery colossus. It's going to take teamwork like they've never used before.

Twenty Six: System Failure!
Batman and the Green Arrow must defend a military base from Bane.

Giant Bane is surrounded by the army, but that's not enough to stop him from scattering the troops with a giant gun. When Batman shows up in the Bat-Mech. it looks like the fight just turned even until a shove knocks down the Bat-Mech and crashes its electronic system. Powerless against the ruthless beast, Batman struggles to restore power as Bane closes in. But when the Caped Crusader becomes a friend in need, he has to count on another friend, indeed!

Twenty Seven: Some Assembly Required
Batman, Robin, Green Arrow, The Flash and Nightwing gather in the Batcave to witness the design of a new Batmobile - one with wings and missiles interchangeable with the Batjet. In a good-natured competition, the other three heroes test their own super-powers against the new vehicle as Batman takes it for a test drive with Robin high above in his jet. Is the new vehicle any match for the speed, weaponry, and ingenuity of a trio of super friends?

Twenty Eight: Night Games, With a Chaser
A giant-sized, chemical spitting Chemo is closing in on Nightwing, who drives the new Batcycle on the streets of Gotham City. He could use Batman's help from the Batjet, but Batman's got his own problems as he's being chased by a massively oversized Killer Croc. You'd think they'd be terrified, but the heroes treat it like a game, taunting their pursuers as they barely escape them. But how will this game end with two determined and deadly adversaries bent on destroying them?

Twenty Nine: The Accidental Apprentice
Batman and Robin enter the Bat-Mech landing bay, where Robin's enthusiasm about trying out the Bat-Mech is cooled when Batman reminds him that his studies come first. When Batman leaves Robin to his books, the Boy Wonder can't help himself from wanting to operate the massive machine. Without training, though, Robin's moment of fun turns into a terrible mistake as everything he touches seems to be the wrong thing.

Thirty: Two If By Sea
Giant Killer Croc attacks a sleek, modern aircraft carrier heading to sea from Gotham City Harbor, battering it like a toy drum. But even on the high seas, Batman and his Bat-Mech are up for the fight. It's hand-to-hand combat on a monstrous scale, and only one of them will walk away the winner. And it doesn't take a monster-sized brain to guess that will be. Or will it?

Thirty One: Croc Rocks the Museum
Killer Croc and his gang of punks pay an after-hours visit to the National History Museum to steal a golden urn. When Croc has to face Batman alone, he injects himself with super-sizing venom, stacking the fight in his favor. Despite his colossal size, he doesn't account for Batman's technical ingenuity. Only one of them will own the night.

Thirty Two: Stone Cold Menace
Mr. Freeze has frozen Gotham City solid with his giant Freeze-Mech. When Batman and Nighteing try to apprehend him, Freeze repels them with sub-zero blasts from his weapon, zapping the BatJet's engines to solid ice. He and his colossal Mech are hard to beat. But he underestimates the heroes. Cool as ever, Batman and Nightwing use their superior technology to put the chill on Mr. Freeze.

Thirty Three: Breakout or Bust
Despite being surrounded by police, Giant Bane and Giant Killer Croc topple the thick walls of Arkham Asylum, releasing a deadly company of villains like Scarecrow, The Joker, and The Penguin. But Nightwing, in the Batjet, and Batman in the Bat-Mech crash the villains' party. The bad guys seem to have forgotten that Batman and Nightwing have super friends, too. Big mistake.


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Accompanies shorts 1 to 11.

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Accompanies shorts 12 to 22.