Kid Flash

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Real Identity: Bartholomew "Bart" Allen II
Affiliation(s): The Team
Appearance(s): Bloodlines, Satisfaction, Darkest, Before The Dawn, Cornered, True Colors, The Fix, War, The Hunt, Intervention, Summit, and Endgame
Powers/Skills: Enhanced Speed and Intangibility
Voiced By: Jason Marsden

Bart Allen is the grandson of Barry and Iris Allen. He inherited the power of super speed. Allen was slave to the Reach like the majority of the human race. In 2056, Allen and Neutron agreed one of them would take a one way trip into the past to change the timeline and prevent Blue Beetle from betraying the human race. On February 28th, 10:05 Eastern Standard Time (EST), Allen completed work on a time machine near Mount Justice, put on a costume, and teleported 40 years into the past. He arrived in Mount Justice and met Nightwing, Robin, and Beast Boy. Although well aware of their secret identities, Allen was careful not to say anything about the future or risk altering the timeline too much. He took Beast Boy's admonishment about being impulsive to heart and took the name Impulse. Nightwing eventually neutralized Impulse and cuffed his hands and feet.

Impulse stated he was just a tourist from the future and was grandson of Barry Allen, the Flash. He even willingly gave Nightwing spit to test his genetic claim. Once Mal Duncan arrived, Impulse vibrated out his restraints and left Mount Justice. Impulse unknowingly swallowed a subcutaneous micro tracker while taking a drink of water offered by Nightwing. They soon realized he was heading to Central City. Impulse met Barry and Iris Allen, Jay and Joan Garrick, and Wally West. However, he spoiled Iris Allen's surprise news about being pregnant then blurted out the twins' names. After Barry Allen changed into the Flash and left to confront Neutron, Impulse followed. Along with Kid Flash, the three speedsters generated a wind funnel to lift Neutron out of the city.

However, the plan failed and Neutron became unstable. Flash went to face Neutron alone but was tripped up by Impulse. They were hauled back to safety by Kid Flash and Jay Garrick. Impulse slipped away and applied a small spherical device to Neutron. Neutron reverted back to a normal human with no powers and no recollection of what happened. Impulse was given the A-14 designation. After Nightwing declared Impulse's DNA matched Barry and Iris Allen's, Impulse said his good byes and activated the time machine. When it didn't work, Impulse announced he was stuck in the past since he was just a tourist, not a chronal expert. Bart Allen stayed with Jay and Joan Garrick in Central City. He joined the Team and was given the designation B-23. On March 23rd, 18:18 Mountain Daylight Time (MDT), Impulse visited Blue Beetle at his home in El Paso. The two relocated to a desert and began goofing around. They were attacked by a team led by Kaldur'ahm. Impulse lifted alien tech from Kaldur'ahm and mistakenly took with him into Mount Justice to show Nightwing. Impulse was captured with Blue Beetle and Beast Boy and slated for delivery to the Light's Partner.

On March 30th, Impulse was experimented on by the Reach Scientist to determine if the Meta-Gene could be extracted. He and Beast Boy were freed by Miss Martian. Impulse raced off in search of Blue Beetle and saved him before he could be rebooted by the Reach. Impulse revealed his true agenda to Blue Beetle as they made their way to the docking bay of the Reach Ship and joined the Team in their escape. Impulse was debriefed by Black Canary but kept Blue Beetle's connection to the apocalyptic future secret. He implored Blue Beetle to do the same. However, Blue Beetle didn't and eventually told Nightwing, Black Canary, and Captain Atom the truth. Impulse accompanied Blue Beetle to Ivy Town for an attempt to remove the Scarab but it failed. He was then assigned to Alpha Squad and given a mission to infiltrate LexCorp Farms and investigate its partnership with the Reach. On April 9th, Impulse was horrified to discover the Green Beetle used his shape shifting powers to disable the Scarab and give Reyes full control.

On May 13th, Flash and Impulse helped rescue tsunami victims in Rhelasia. On May 26th, Impulse was assigned to Beta Squad with Blue Beetle and Beast Boy and tasked with procuring the Crystal Key. At the end of the mission, Blue Beetle bashed Impulse over the head with the key then attacked the rest of the Team. On May 30th, Impulse voiced his desire to free Jaime Reyes of Reach control before Earth was enslaved like in his time. On June 13th, Impulse and Batgirl spied on Blue Beetle in Metropolis. At 20:40 MDT, Impulse played his role as a decoy and attacked Blue Beetle. Blue Beetle was captured and taken to Bialya. Impulse took out several Bialyan soldiers but ran right into Devastation. As Zatanna and Isis began the ritual, Impulse threw Green Beetle into the path of his own cannon fire which launched him into the mystic circle. As a result, both Beetles were off-mode. Impulse was glad to have his friend back.

On June 19th, Impulse took part in the Santa Prisca mission. He took the place of a League of Shadows soldier along with Robin and Wonder Girl. During the battle against the Reach and the Light, Impulse learned Kid Flash was going back into retirement and wanted him to take on the mantle. Impulse was elated then proceeded to disarm the Brain only to get knocked down by Beast Boy during his battle against Monsieur Mallah. On June 20th, Blue Beetle and Impulse formed Beta Squad and were sent to Taos to disable the Magnetic Field Disrupter. When one last Disrupter was discovered, Impulse raced to the North Magnetic Pole to join the Flash. However, they were too late. Using Lex Luthor's plan, they ran around the chrysalis energy counter to its energy flow in order to negate it with their own speed trails. Both at top speed were not enough but they were joined by Kid Flash. Due to Kid Flash's slower speed, he became an exit valve for the chrysalis energy and ceased. As of July 4th, Impulse took up the mantle of Kid Flash. He was assigned to Beta Squad with Tigress, Bumblebee, and the Guardian to find proof LexCorp was rereleasing the Reach soft drink under a new name.