Credits 6

Executive Producer: Sam Register
Executive Producers: Greg Berlanti and Marc Guggenheim
Producer: Curt Geda
Directed By: Ethan Spaulding
Written By: Emilio Ortega Aldrich, Lauren Certo, Marc Guggenheim, Sarah Hernandez, Elizabeth Kim, Sarah Tarkoff
Based on Characters From: DC
Russel Tovey as The Ray/Ray Terrill
Special Guest Star: Melissa Benoist as Overgirl, Carlos Valdez as Vibe
Sunil Malhotra as Jacob, Matthew Mercer as Black Arrow, Bruce Thomas as Mr. Terrill, Scott Whyte as Blitzkrieg
Supergirl: Based on Characters created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster By Special Arrangement with the Jerry Siegel Family
The Ray: Created by Jack Harris and Joe Quesada
Vibe and Cisco Ramon: Created By Gerry Conway and Chuck Patton
Casting and Voice Direction By: Wes Gleason
Themes By: Blake Neely
Score By: Daniel James Chan
Editor: Kyle Stafford
Line Producer: Liz Marshall
Associate Manager: Angela O'Sullivan, Amy Pjanowski
Assistant Production Managers: Cindy Rangel and Nicole Torres
Art Direction: Phil Bourassa
Character Design: Dan Haskett
Prop Design: Andy Chiang, Norman Ryang
Background Design: Hakjoon Kang
Background Paint: Chun Liu, Richard Ziehler-Martin, Wei Zhao
Color Stylist: Pamela Long
Storyboard: David Maximo, Milo Neuman, Ruben Procopio, DJ Zutkovic
Animation Timing: Jeff Hall
Animation Checking: Justin Schultz
Supervising Technical Director: Matthew Girardi
Effects Animation: Brett Hardin
Animation Services: Digital eMation
Post Production Executive: Greg Emerson
Post Production Managers: Brittany Canasi, Charlie Sweitzer, Rebecca Unger
Recording Facilities: Atlas Oceanic Sound & Picture, Igloo Music, Pinewood Sound, Salami Studios
Recording Machine Operator: Jeff O. Collins
Track Readers: Wilson Martinez, Fred Salinas
Supervising Dialogue/ADR Editor: Mark A. Keatts
Dialogue/ADR Editors: David M. Cowan, Kelly Foley Downs, Patrick Foley, Mike Garcia
Post Production Sounds Services: Digipost. TV
Online Editor: David Cowles
Assistant Editors: Harrison T. Barth, Gabriel Gianola, Matt Hanchey
Production Administration: Daphne Fei
Production Support: Cher Bentley, Tina Fallah, Audrey Kim, Andrea Lo, Tamara Miles, Kira Tirimacco, Renee Toporzysek
Casting Administration: Liz Carroll
Production Accounting: Yadira Davis, Debbie Lindquist, Maral Simonian, Athena Wingate
Rights & Clearances: Brendan Brasier
Business & Legal Affairs: Lori Blackstone, Jehan Jawad, Rebecca Mathany, Shanon Muir, Bonnie Negrete, Britton Payne, Kim Shekerlian
Production Supervision: Bobbie Page
Production Management: Ed Adams
Executives in Charge of Production: Brian E.S. Jones, Peter Girardi