Wacka Doodles

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Girl's Night Out, The Cruel Giggling Ghoul, and Arms Race with Legs
Powers: Not Applicable
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Wacka Doodles is an amusement park located two miles from Downtown Jump City. Its mascot is a feline astronaut and prides itself as, "The Funnest Place in the Galaxy." It has the typical trappings of an amusement park like a funhouse, concession stands, and a roller coaster. After the bumper cars were installed, attendance to the park increased incredibly and became very popular with guests. Starfire, Raven, and Jinx visited the Jump City Wacka Doodle during their first girl's night out. Jinx cleared out the long line for the bumper cars for claiming their was a free kitten giveaway in the parking lot. When things started getting boring, Starfire destroyed Jinx's restraints. Jinx used her powers on the bumper cars and the trio drove off into the city.

Wacka Doodles hosted an NBA superstar LeBron James' dribbling exhibition. A two headed ghoul appeared and scared all the park's visitors away. The manager tried to get the owner's help but he stood to make millions from insurance if the park went under. On the night of James' event, the park deserted except for the owner, manager, Batman, and Commissioner Gordon. The Teen Titans arrived in time for James' show. The manager explained the crisis while Batman and Gordon played in the bumper cars. The Titans split up to solve the mystery. Robin, Raven, and Starfire went to the owner's office while Beast Boy and Cyborg checked out the Snack Shack. The two headed ghoul chased Cyborg and Beast Boy all around the park.

Starfire accidentally discovered the secret door that led to the underground access tunnels under the park. Robin deduced the ghoul was using these tunnels to move about the park. They found lockers with costumes and LeBron James trying out the mascot's. They noticed an empty locker with two sets of boot prints in front of it. The Titans decided to set up an ambush by the bumper cars and used Beast Boy and Cyborg as bait. The chase entered the bumper cars. They sacrified their burger and burrito and blinded the ghoul. They unmasked the ghoul and realized it was Batman and Gordon all along. They got tired of waiting in line for bumper cars and dressed as the ghoul to cut their wait time down.

The League of Legs visited the park during their jump and touch contest. They jumped and touched the roller coaster. The next day, the corrupted League returned and kicked the roller coaster apart.