Tawny Young

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Real Identity: Tawny Young
Affiliations: Metro 7 and The Tawny Show
Appearances (Episodes): So You Need A Crew, Finding Mr. Right, The Line, A Seat At The Table, Batman's Back, Man, and Something Borrowed, Something Green
Appearances (Comics): Journey To Love, Journey To Love Part 2, Journey To Love Part 3, Journey To Love Part 4, and Journey To Love Part 6
Powers/Skills: Journalism and Hosting
Voiced By: Tisha Campbell Martin

Harley and Ivy realized Tawny Young was at the wedding, too, and millions saw what went down between Ivy and Kite Man. Young called it the biggest wedding disaster of the decade. Ivy threw the remote into the TV and broke it. While Young reported live from the Old Gotham Corn Factory about the arrest of Black Manta, Livewire, Killer Frost, and Nightfall, Batman stomped Man Bat and drop kicked Killer Croc in the background. Firefighters liberated Commissioner Gordon from his entangled squad car hanging off the Harley Quinn Highway. Young was live on the scene. Gordon was tended to by paramedics but she shoved a paramedic aside and grilled him about his plan to capture all the supervillains at the wedding when he already had Harley. She even deduced the plan wasn't his in the first place. Gordon grabbed her microphone and issued a statement of his own, he vowed to bring Harley Quinn to justice and stated her days were numbered. Several days later, Tawny reported about a new villain named Mephitic in Detroit calling out Poison Ivy. She stated Gotham stood in solidarity with Detroit and hoped its protectors could stop him before he tainted the water supply.

Tawny Young sent her son JT and daughter Reign to Bludhaven and Detroit to keep tabs on Harley and Ivy. In the aftermath of Harley and Ivy's battle with Mephitic, Young sent anonymous texts to Gordon claiming to know what Harley's location was and instructed him to get in a car that would take him to Bludhaven airport for a flight that departs in one hour then more instructions would be sent when he landed. Gordon asked who the person was. The person claimed to be concerned for Gotham's future. Before Ivy and Harley could leave Mephitic's warehouse, a car pulled up. Commissioner Gordon popped out of the passenger side and ordered them to stop right there. Tawny Young came out and asked them how it felt to defeat a villain just before he destroyed a city like they did back in Gotham. Harley noticed JT from Blud Garden with a camera and Ivy recognized Reign. JT apologized and revealed Tawny Young was their mother and boss.

Before Gordon could arrest them, Livewire fired an electric bolt at his feet from the roof. While he was blinded, they escaped. Young reported Gordon once again blundered. He glared but was speechless. On the road again, Ivy surmised Gordon wouldn't be following them anytime soon after he got humiliated on live television again. Harley admired Tawny Young for pulling it off so effortlessly.