Four Star Spectacular! | Episode 65

Aired: November 4, 2011
Directed By: Ben Jones

Worlds War

Storyboarded By: Matt Youngberg
Heroes: Adam Strange and Batman
Villains: Kanjar-Ro and Andre Le Blanc
Supporting: Rannians, Alanna Strange, and Sardath
Beasts: Space Monster
Objects: Zeta Beam, Energi-Rod, Negaton Bomb, and Utility Belt
Places: Earth-23, Gotham City, and Rann

Double Jeopardy!

Storyboarded By: Ben Jones
Heroes: Batman and Flash (Barry Allen)
Villains: Captain Boomerang, Mirror Master (Evan McCulloch), and Abra Kadabra
Objects: Utility Belt and Batmobile
Places: Earth-23, Central City, and Iron Heights

Kitty Catastrophe

Storyboarded By: Stephen DeStephano
Heroes: 'Mazing Man and Batman
Supporting: Fiona & Owen
Beasts: Precious
Objects: Utility Belt
Places: Earth-23 and Gotham City

The War That Time Forgot!

Storyboarded By: Adam Van Wyk
Heroes: Creature Commandos (Lieutenant Shrieve, Wolfpack, Vincent Velcoro, Patchwork, and Dr. Medusa) and Batman
Villains: Ultra-Humanite
Beasts: Pteradactyls and Dinosaurs
Objects: Big Ben and Utility Belt
Places: Earth-23, Dinosaur Island, London, Washington D.C., and Kremlin