Bold Beginnings! | Episode 61

Aired: October 14, 2011
Heroes: Space Ghost, Batman, Green Arrow, Plastic Man, and Aquaman
Villains: Creature King, Cavalier, Ruby Ryder, Skeleton Keyes, Polecat Perkins, Babyface, Hammer Toes, Black Manta, and Mr. Freeze
Supporting: Jan and Jace
Beasts: Blip, Moon Ape, Astrodactyl, Imp, and Fluke
Objects: Space Coupe, Power Bands, Phantom Cruiser, Batmobile, Utility Belt, Arrowmobile, Trick Arrows, Trident of Poseidon, and Freeze Gun
Places: Earth-23, Zeltor, and Gotham City
Written By: Alan Burnett & Paul Dini and Steven Melching
Directed By: Ben Jones