Time Out for Vengeance! | Episode 58

Aired: September 23, 2011
Heroes: Justice League International (Batman, Green Lantern [Guy Gardner], Ice, Blue Beetle, Booster Gold, Martian Manhunter, Fire, Aquaman, and Rip Hunter), The Creeper, Cave-Batman, Pirate Batman, Batmanicus, and Robot Batman
Villains: Hellgrammite, Catman, Batman Revenge Squad, and Equinox
Beasts: Dinosaurs, Woolly Mammoth, Pterodactyls, and Sea Monster
Objects: Utility Belt, Giant Robot Cat, Power Ring, Scarab, and Time Sphere
Places: Earth-23, Gotham City, Justice League Watchtower, and Bat Tree
Written By: J.M. DeMatteis
Directed By: Michael Gougen